Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's Saturday now.. so although it didn't happen today, it's still pretty recent! On Thursday, I went shopping with mum to buy my brother some ties (and got myself a pair of Tony Bianco heels which I've been lusting over since the beginning of last year - on sale for $50 at David Jones, last pair!) and a few jumpers from Lowes (because they're absolutely amazing - soft and warm and just perfect for Winter). When I came home, I wasn't expecting anything. Mum went out to check the mail and called me over - there was a massive package for me outside! I'm a little.. iffy.. about sending anything from ASOS here anymore, because they don't ask for your signature to collect the package - they just leave it outside. I wouldn't want anyone taking my package, so I might redirect my ASOS orders to the box address.

Bass Wayfarer Classic Loafers in Black. Really stunning. I needed a pair of shoes for clinical/placement and these fit the description perfectly. I've also been wanting a pair of loafers in forever! I originally ordered these in a size 7, my normal size, and they were absolutely humungous when I received them. I had to send them back, but I really wanted these, so I ordered a size down, in a 6, and they're still pretty.. not BIG, but I definitely have room in them. I guess I could wear socks with them or something. Note - if you get them, they're worth it! So comfortable, but just be careful because they run unbelievably large. Tami tried them on and she's usually a size 8, and even the 7s were much, much too large for her.

They're so pretty! From start to finish:
  1. Dagmar Colour Block Cardigan in Wool
  2. ASOS Throw On Blazer - Paisley Print
  3. Club L Waffle Knit Jumper - Grey/rust
  4. ASOS Boyfriend Cardi in Space Dye Colour Block
  5. Glamorous Stripe Blanket Cardigan
  6. ASOS Classic Retro Sunglasses - Tortoise
So there you have it. I'm absolutely loving paisley print right now. The patchwork is marvellous and the blazer I bought is magnificent. So beautiful - I absolutely love it!

I also ordered a pair of paisley shorts - after that and my Urban order, I think I'll stop for a while..


  1. so. many. pretty. sweaters. i'm jealous man *___*

  2. Hi! How is asos' sizing? Is the boyfriend space dye cardigan a bit oversized? What size did you order? Thank you! :)

    1. Hi there! ASOS sizing depends on the brand you buy, but if you buy their own brand, it's pretty true to size. I always get an 8! It's slightly oversized but that's because that's the way it's supposed to fit. You're welcome! And good luck. Hope it's what you're looking for!

    2. Wow, thanks for the response! I really appreciate it. :) size 8? Is it US size 8? I checked the site and they only have it in Medium. Not sure though what that size really corresponds to. Is the material a bit stretch? Were you pleased with the quality? :) Again, thank you! :) I think it's a really pretty cardigan, you're so lucky! <3

    3. Haha, thank you! The size is a UK/AUS size 8, which translates to a US size 4. Their sizing is weird. I'm not really sure why they do it.. maybe to make people feel better about themselves? If you're relatively tall, the medium will fit fine on you. The bigger sizes in cardigans tend to be longer rather than wider, if that makes sense. The material isn't really that stretchy, but I really like oversized cardigans. They're comfy and it doesn't matter if they're too big! The quality was just fine :D

    4. I'm just around 5'5". I hope that's tall enough haha :) Yeah, I'm hoping I could get the cardigan in Medium. hope it will fit just fine :) Thanks for answering everything! :) Do you have photos of you wearing it? :)

    5. Hi Michelle! Because I saw your blog, I managed to buy the boyfriend space dye cardigan from Asos. It took around 2 weeks for me to receive it and by the time I did, it was then out of stock in the site! Ahhh, thank God I got to buy for myself :) I got it in Medium, and it was very much oversized on me. I still don't know how to style it because I didn't expect it to be THAT big. Still, I'm very happy that I bought it. The colors are just gorgeous <3

      Do you have styling ideas for oversized cardigans? I have a possible trip to Washington DC in April and I'd LOVE to wear it during that vacation. Thanks Michelle! :) Still stoked that I own the cardigan now. I was just lusting over it for the past several months <3