Saturday, June 23, 2012

GP placement complete!

As a requirement set by my university, because we go straight into the MBBS program and not the science component before the postgraduate part, we had to do a GP placement - three 3-4 hour shifts (that looks so awkward typed out). I did mine with a GP pretty close to where I live, so it only took 5-7 minutes to actually get there, which meant I only had to wake up half an hour before I was scheduled to arrive each morning. Still, that wasn't nearly enough sleep for me since I'm used to waking up at around 10-11. 8:30am isn't the best time.. such a strug getting up every morning.

Anyway, complaints aside, it was a great experience. Although I think this has consolidated my thoughts not to go into general practice and specialise in something procedural, it was so insightful. It's interesting to note that I saw probably ONE viral infection and the rest of the cases were more complex. Lots of secondary infections from compromised immune systems, mostly in cancer patients. There were also a lot of heart conditions.

I mean, considering I'm only a first year and basically know nothing, I think I probably did quite a lot given the circumstances:
  • Took some histories
  • Examined people's ears
  • Tested reflexes
  • Performed breast examinations
  • Took pulse, blood pressure
  • Checked heart and lung function
  • Lots of skin infections and lumps
I guess it kind of depends on what type of patients the GP is seeing on the days you're there. Really, a luck of the draw more than anything. I'm glad to have gotten it out of the way so that I can enjoy my holidays, except I have to do a reflective task on this placement. Joy.

I loved it. I hope the specialist placements at the end of the year are even better!

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