Friday, June 1, 2012

Pre-exam freak out approaching

Let's face it, I'm in a huge ruckus right now. My insides are unsettled, my mind is everywhere and my entire body is just sick to death of studying. My entire week has comprised:

  • Waking up
  • Studying until about 5pm
  • Breaks until around 6pm
  • Dinner
  • More study until I sleep
  • Showering at 9pm to wake me up more
  • More study until 12am
  • Sleep
  • Repeat
This week has been hectic. As some of you probably know, my aunty passed away last Friday morning and the funeral was on Wednesday, which fully offset my schedule because I was supposed to come back to Brisbane last Friday, but obviously I couldn't really do anything about that.

It was sad. Really, really sad.. not to the point where I cried, because for some reason I never cry at funerals, but the worst part was when my cousins (my aunty's sons) were kissing her coffin during the burial service. Ack. Death is such a morbid subject. Literally.

Anyway, I just had the biggest panic attack. Fully.. effing.. thought it was Saturday, leaving me with only just over a day to revise everything, when really it's only Friday. Seems petty, but during SWOTVAC, time is incredibly INvaluable.

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