Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black Coffee Lyrics

Today, I went to the Gold Coast to visit my friend John. He's amazing - brains and a musician. Love him to bits. Anyway, back to the focus of this post.. we went to a beautiful little cafe which was tucked away, meshed in with these run-down little Asian eatery places. I totally wasn't expecting it to be in a location as it was. I guess that adds to the grunge factor of the place.

I really need to learn to sleep earlier. Maybe then I'll wake up earlier and won't struggle so much for the rest of the day. Or maybe I should just become a coffee/tea/caffeine snob. Maybe, but then again, there's the issue of my intolerance to caffeine.. should one override the other? I actually thoroughly enjoy coffee, although I'm not that much of a connoisseur. My expertise are limited to the Starbucks caramel macchiato, which, in my opinion, is amazing BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, IT'S PROBABLY CRAP OK.

I set my alarm for 8:00 and naturally, couldn't really.. get up the same minute I woke up. Instead, I played Subway Surfers to try to kickstart my adrenaline.

DON'T JUDGE ME OK SUBWAY SURFERS GIVES ME A VERY SUBSTANTIAL ADRENALINE KICK. Like seriously, if you don't believe me, you should give it a go.

So, continuing on, to add to the disorganisation of everything, I had to leave the house at around 8:30, but obviously when you wake up in the morning you really don't care whether you're going to be late, provided the time hasn't passed already. AND most of my clothes were in the wash, so I had to scurry downstairs and throw together a really.. idk I didn't like it, but it was the best outfit I could come up with, given the situation. I absolutely gunned it out of the house after mum's little freak out about not knowing where to go to catch the train etc. UGH by the time I left the house, it was 8:33 and my bus came to Sunnybank Plaza at 8:37 SHARP. I ARRIVED AT 8:37 AND THE BUS WAS LITERALLY ABOUT TO LEAVE, LIKE I COULD SEE THE DOORS SHUTTING so I ran and caught it.

The train ride was good. Free wi-fi, and more Subway Surfers. I could hardly complain, except that I wish I had a book or something to read on the train - mainly because I know my battery would probably be dying.

I got to Nerang at 10:34am sharp and I started looking for John. Apparently he'd parked on the opposite side but I didn't know that........ awks.

What an amazing station.

Loljk I was so scared omfg.

Very chill. Very hipster-esque. Very edgy. Check out the insane interior design in this cafe! Everything reeked of grunge. I was absolutely in love. In fact, if you heard me talking today, you'd have known that I didn't.. literally, didn't stop complimenting the place. I ordered a chicken panini with a side of chips. It was the best chicken panini I've ever had. Oh yeah, we also waited about an hour and a half for lunch to serve because we were way too keen and rocked up at about 11.. ahh well, it was definitely worth the wait.

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