Friday, May 13, 2016

Hawaii (Five-0) 2016 and a few other things

Greetings and welcome back to a seemingly estranged blog.

Well, estranged no more.


During this slight (forgive the understatedness - newest addition to the Oxford dictionary in two thousand and never) hiatus from the world of blogging, I realised that I really don't do much with my time off anymore, and reading through my old posts brought about a certain nostalgia. Basically, I miss reading about past Michelle's adventures and unless I've put effort into cementing memories, they basically fade into nothingness. Basically, my memory has declined significantly over the last 12-18 months and it's pretty scary to think just how bad I am at remembering things - especially important things. Basically, I don't think I really need any excuses.

Basically, I'm getting old.

I miss writing. I miss putting my brain through a little mental torture trying to write something cohesive that was a somewhat accurate description of my life events.