Thursday, June 28, 2012

AMEB ceremony!

I completely forgot that I had photos when I came back to Brisbane for the first time. I came back because I had an AMEB ceremony - I did my AMuS in flute last year and this year I had to get my certificate for it. Last AMEB exam ever! I had to come back for it. I wouldn't ever get another opportunity to listen to Brisbane's flourishing musicians.

It was lovely catching up with Chloe (2nd last photo). Something else happened! When my name got called, someone recognised it and came up to my parents afterwards. Turns out that one of my friends from childhood, Alicia, came up from Melbourne for her brother, Andrew. They're originally from Townsville, but Alicia is studying medicine at Monash.

Andrew is an amazing clarinetist. He got his AMuS with distinction! He played.. and wow, his performance was effortless. Absolutely beautiful.

T'was a great day! That night, I went back to Townsville to continue my quest in becoming a doctor.

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