Saturday, June 23, 2012

Road trip

George, Danny, Dylan and I went for a road trip. It took literally the entire day and most of the night as well. It was actually such a strug getting up in the morning because I went to sleep at around 2:30 this morning after committing to spend most of my limited savings on ASOS and UrbanOutfitters for Winter/Summer clothes.


Anyway, that aside, I was supposed to meet Dylan at his house at like 10am but I only woke up 10 minutes before that and I had to get ready. Literally impossible. Instead, half an hour after, they drove over to my house to pick me up. How sweet. :D We picked up George and his mum fed us amazingly just like most other Asian mums. UGH SO MUCH FOOD, I FEEL SO BAD LMAO.

I found out we were driving up to Mt Glorious. I suppose it's near Maleny/just north of QLD. Just kidding LMAO I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS, I have the most terrible sense of direction imaginable. We arrived at about.. 1ish I think to the Mt Glorious Restaurant. It was beautiful! Beautifully pricey, too. I had a honey roasted chicken filo with like.. mango-ey, slightly curry sauce. It was.. nice, but the chicken was a little overcooked, and overall, definitely not worth the $29.65 I paid for it.

NB: ^ This photo was supposed to be a troll photo because I was wearing my glasses on top of my head (you can see the sides) and decided to hide Danny's glasses. It took him a good 30 seconds to figure out I was wearing 2 pairs. That aside, I quite like this photo.

Most attractive people in Brisbane!

Ignore my face in this photo omfg it's horrible. Focus on the sign next to me! They thought it would be hilarious to liken me to a child.................. meanies. :(

WARNING: NOT WORTH $29.65. Apparently the salad was amazing but I'm not much of an exotic salad person. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mushrooms all the way. Exclusively.

The view was amazing though. It overlooked the mountain and I think I took a photo of the view but honestly I can't really be bothered uploading it. Plus, there's not much difference between this view and any other view from a mountain, really. And so the adventure continued. We drove on to the look out and.. I can't even remember what we did. Something retarded probably.


We'd had enough of it when we started yelling out and pretending to be Asians who couldn't really speak English. Maybe I'm making that up, but we were screaming out sounds of some sort anyway. We decided to drive on and I knew we had to stop when we saw cows.


SO MANY OF THEM. THEY WERE ADORABLE. We kind of drove a little further though, and (just from the sign, no way I could remember the name of this place) went to D'Aguilar National Park. Not much of a national park, I must say. It consisted of a river and a place to sit. Not a bad place though, the river was beautiful.

Oh yeah. It also housed a fresh cow shit HAHAHAHA.

My calling was back with the cows. I think I spent literally an hour trying to get them to come closer to me. Kind of worked, and George, freaking George, went inside the fence for a while. He kind of turned back when one of the cows started charging at him. The calves were so cute! I wanted to pet one before we left, but they wouldn't come close enough. Can't blame them though, if I were in a field and a cow stuck its head into the fence, I don't think I'd be too inclined to race forward.

Danny got tired, so I drove back to Brisbane. I honestly had no idea where we were.. or where we were going, but I just kept driving. We eventually got onto the Ipswich Motorway and headed towards Mt Coot-Tha. We ran into a few BBC boys - seriously, sometimes I question how chance works!

I couldn't be bothered driving back, so Danny took over once again and we dropped George back home. The day still hadn't ended - we went to a cafe in Woolloongabba called Canvas. It was great. The lighting was so subtle and the atmosphere was so classy yet edgy. I admit I couldn't really read the menu, so I just kind of winged it and hoped for the best. Apparently they have really unusual combinations. I just ordered something which I couldn't really understand, but it was called Fantasia and had something which looked like fruit written under it. It was very citrusy and had hints of strawberry. Not bad. Next time I'll listen to the boys and ask the waiters what they recommend. I didn't see it, but they flamethrow drinks and apparently it's amazing. I'll definitely have to go back.

And just to finish off the day, we went all the way back to Warrigal Square and had Madtongsan. Asian by blood, Asian by cuisine. Typical.

It was an amazing day! :D

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  1. I love going on road trips (though I can count on one hand how many I've been on with friends haha), there's just something about leaving it all behind and just having fun for a day :)

    This may sound weird, but if one day you're ever near a farm with cows during the night, you should do this thing called 'cow-tipping'. Never actually tried it myself, but apparently you just creep on a sleeping cow and kind of...push their side and apparently they roll over. Sounds weird but hilarious right? :P

    Looking forward to hearing more from you :)