Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A walk away from home

I meant to post about this an entire week ago but I just haven't had the time/effort. Sorry about that. Well, I'll get this over and done with so I can go ahead and play tf2 with my homegurlz. My parents and I drove up to Maleny last Tuesday to go see one of mum's oldest friends, Ludmila. She's the most adorable old lady you've ever met. She's Russian and used to work with mum as a translator. You wouldn't picture her as being technologically able, but she types faster than any other old person I've ever met.

It took around an hour to get to Maleny and straight after, we went to a restaurant overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains which was absolutely breathtaking. It was Christmas in July and there were 3 functions being held at the same time so we were only able to get one of the booth tables. Didn't make any difference to the food though and in some ways, it was probably better where we were sitting because it was really, really bright outside.

Argh, hate how blogspot kills the quality of the photos a fair bit, but then again I'm really not bothered uploading EVERYTHINGGGGG onto Flickr.

Dad looks keen as a bean to eat his food. It was beautiful. I had a steak but for some reason I didn't take a photo of it. Sad. After we ate, we went outside to take photos of the landscape which was just breathtaking.

Jacket/blazer from suitcase rummage, bag from UrbanOutfitters (not in stock anymore but can be ordered from Alphabet Bags), shirt from FCUK

Stupid wind made it really hard to take photos but yeah. There were a few good landscapes but again, couldn't be bothered uploading.

There were cows! It was really hard to take a good shot and this was the best I could do because of the really distinct shadows, so the background is a little overexposed. Sorry.

The outside of the restaurant. Couldn't quite remember what it's called BUT OH WELL. There aren't too many restaurants up that way so if you're ever near Maleny, I really recommend this place. Afterwards, we stopped by to the lookout ... I think it was McArthur's Lookout? Something along those lines, but oh my god, the houses were stunning. I'm pretty sure it's a rich street, considering that they're all overlooking the mountains. They would be a great investment - no flooding, beautiful views, quiet at night, but out of Brisbane so yeah, not really looking to live there anytime soon, unless I choose to work rurally.

We went back to Ludmila's house afterwards. Stupid reception was horrible. Facebook wouldn't even load properly! If it had good reception it would have said "3G" on the reception bar up the top. Stupid woop woop reception. I decided to take photos of the house since I don't go there very often.

Maleny is beautiful. Just breathtaking.

I love it there, except the roads are confusing as fuck and it would be a real pain in the ass driving there.

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