Friday, July 8, 2011

Hey, hello, not sure yet.

Dumbfoundead has a new song! Kind of catchy, yes? No? Oh well, you can waste 3 minutes of your life which you'll never get back listening to it.

I really like his music. It's pretty down to life. Life? I think I meant earth. Oh, the life of a sleep deprived university student. I downloaded the mp3 but I think it was a dodgy YouTube rip because the crappy intro was still there. Cannot wait until the HD version comes out. Like, the legit shit.

Kind of edging for his new LP to be released. There's another song leak from it - "Selfish" but I couldn't find a legit video to accompany the song. The closest I came to was a guy's personal edit while skateboarding. Hmmm...

So, enjoy!

In other news, I downloaded Digitalism's discography the other day and it just reminded me to post about it. Was looking at TheHypeMachine just this morning and it reminded me to post it up! It was released a couple of months ago. Here's their "2 Hearts" which is an incredibly catchy song.

From the album, "I Love You, Dude". I've always liked Digitalism, but my favourite song is still Pogo. Nevertheless, still chill as fuck.


PEACE OUT, Y'ALL. Currently playing Team Fortress 2 gettin mah bitch shootin shit on yo.

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