Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Complete wardrobe makeover 2k11

Hi everyone! I haven't had time until now which is pretty much 1 o'clock in the morning TWO DAYS after I've done this to post. That's right, I'm super duper busy with all ...... yeah ok let's face it, I'm just a lazy ass who has no life. It's ok though, you all love me for it. :)

So I was pretty bored yesterday afternoon. I've genuinely been meaning to clean up all my clothes for ages and ages. I think pretty much since the beginning of the year, but I was just never bothered. Anyway, if you know me, you'll know that I leave my clothes lying around everywhere and this year has been no exception.

I mean seriously, there's a whole basket of clothes in my bathroom. Well, there was. It's all changed since yesterday. :-)

I thought I might provide some cute photos of the upstairs of my house just because I was there and yeah, haven't really taken anything besides the lounge where I take selfies on my macbook. So like, yay. This is my bathroom WITH A SO MUCH STUFF ON THE BENCH and I just cleaned it omg.

Hi, dis is my room. Pity I wasn't bothered making my bed properly. I've done the wardrobe. Step 2: clean my entire room. Seriously, can you see the amount of stuff on my table? :(



I organised everything into sections: dresses, then skirts, jumpsuits and then tops. They're only the casual things in the above wardrobe though. My other one has all my jackets and dresses and formal tops. Pretty happy with how I categorised everything.

I was cleaning out all my shirts and I found my biotrech and space camp shirt, omg memories. AND this awesome periodic table shirt that I bought somewhere or rather, CAN'T REMEMBER EXACTLY YO. I just showed justin shihmale and he said it looked really retarded.

So yeah, this is the process. Ugh, makes me shudder just thinking about how much effort I went to for everything. I chucked out so much. The far left piles are all my junk


Thinking of selling a lot of the stuff. Mum is in the process of rummaging through whatever I don't want and she wants some of it so yeah, I'll let her do that before I sell anything.

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