Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to care for your contact lenses

Lol enjoy, haven't been bothered to delete the other one I made........ I screwed up the audio because I underestimated the volume of the songs :(

So yeah what of it, and I'm aware that I may look/sound like an old lady OK GIVE ME A BREAK, MADE IT AT LIKE 1AM.

Let's not be judgemental here.


  1. can't really hear you lol :(

  2. hi! did you download the piano version of scary monsters & nice sprites and if so, where from? thanks :D

  3. omg i loved the "see you later bye byeee" at the end :333

  4. is the care procedure different for like, contact lenses that actually help with vision, like corrective lens? your ones are just cosmetic, right?

  5. @anon1: sorry! you have to turn up your volume but it's because it was like... 1am D:
    @anon2: yep i did download it, and you can get it from
    @anon3: thank you hehehe :3~!
    @anon4: with these sorts of lenses, they're a lot thicker than your normal corrective ones so you can afford to be slightly rougher. i'm not sure whether you rub the normal ones but i know you have to soak both in solution. and you can get these ones with corrective lenses - like one of my eyes is corrective and the other one just matches it.

  6. thanks for the download link! :)