Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Treats Vol. 1

Okay, so perhaps my new found university life has deprived me of the time to search for new music, but behold, the holidays have surely partially compensated for this lack. So, let's start with music I've missed out on and I'll catch up with that, rather than posting what I immediately find.

Skrillex's "Sweet Treats Vol. 1" - does that sound enticing enough? Well, technically it's a "vs" album but I'm too sleep deprived to click onto iTunes to see.

I'm sitting here listening in awe. Awe as in awesome. I've decided to succumb to SoundCloud in my posting methods rather than sticking awkward YouTube videos every now and then because they make my pages look annoying. I may invest some time in replacing all the videos with SoundCloud embeds. I just haven't been bothered signing up but.... I guess the time has come. Enjoy.


Needed Change - Skrillex ft. 12th Planet | CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

World on Fire - Flinch | CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Changes - Zedd ft. Champions | CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Enjoy, ma cherie.

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