Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's so fluffy, I'M GOING TO DIE

I have a spare half hour or so to pump out this post before I have to go. I recently picked up my raccoon tail keyring from MukuCHU and I love it. Originally, I was going to get it as a birthday present for a friend's 18th which is coming up really soon but I decided against it because it was too cute to give away. Sorry about that.

It's so soft and perfect and fluffy and thus far, I've managed to creep people out by running the tail across their face LOL IT'S SO FUN. Call me weird, but don't hate it until you try it. Pro-bably not good to be the victim in this case, though.

I was a little scared about what my parents would think about the newest addition to my collection of unique things, so for about 3 hours I stuffed it into a drawer so they wouldn't see. Eventually, I grew a pair :-). I was surprised by their reaction, actually. It was more welcoming than I'd anticipated. I would post the photos but they're taking.... For. Ever. to upload, and I'm not the type to write a conventional review so I guess I'll make use of this time while I wait. I'm a bit chuffed because I'm not sure how to do a non-circle lens review! Let's see what I can come up with.

Product: Raccoon tail from MukuCHU

I chose the raccoon tail over the other fox tails because I wanted a variety in colours and not just one. Well, I definitely got what I asked for because the colours are beautiful, ranging from a coffee brown as a base colour, to richer browns touching on black ringed around the tail and finally, a stunning almost-white to finish off the whole look at the tip. It's beautiful - just look at it.

It's overt enough so that you can see it hung onto a bag, but not so obvious that people stare at you which is nice. How do I know? First hand experience, my dear. Chic? Tres bien. In? Oui. This tail is one of those things which just stand out as a staple item and even if something new does come in, you can't go wrong taking it out for a walk every now and then. It's very me and because the colours are relatively neutral, it pretty much goes with anything. Plus, you should hear how "IN" these tails are right now. Personally, I wouldn't take it everywhere I go, because that would be totally predictable on my part of attire. I don't really want to become known as the "chick with the raccoon tail". I know they're pretty hard to get in Australia unless you're prepared to pull a few strings and look for overseas sellers, you might be better off buying one from MukuCHU because they're based in Brisbane, Australia and can ship to anywhere in the world. Perhaps excepting Antarctica.

It's great for several reasons. Firstly, it looks beautiful and it's soft as a feather. Secondly, you can get around places without people staring at you like you've bought the most controversial Gaga dress ever made. And thirdly, it's a keyring, so you can pretty much unhook and reattach it to anything you wish, perhaps depending on your outfit? Or something else, maybe. Personally, I think it looks best on bags but again, a personal choice, que? I just can't get over the colours. Take it anywhere and travel in style, I think. It doesn't weigh you down at all - it's extremely light and it could even possibly pass as a scarf if you get too chilly.

Overall, a great purchase. Cheers to MukuCHU for stocking them up - I've actually been looking for one for ages and when the opportunity arose, I had to jump at it. I think I replied in a grand total of ... 5-10 or so minutes after it'd been posted. Kudos to me. I'm pretty sure they're not restocking anytime soon so you better hurry if you want one. I think the raccoon tail was a one off thing, but the other fox tails are beautiful.

As for reliability, you can't beat MukuCHU. I know their international shipping is perfectly reliable and as far as I'm concerned, I've received every single thing I've ever ordered from them. Which is a first, considering I've ordered craploads. Coloured contact lenses/circle lenses mainly, but who's to say I can't try something new? They're based in Brisbane, Australia but they can ship to anywhere in the world.




  1. does the fur fall out or anything? like... in the cases of a lot of fur products, the fur kind of gradually falls out...

  2. I love your in depth review about this!

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