Thursday, April 7, 2011

You know, just taking a break from studying and all

I honestly intended to post yesterday but I didn't have time to. Seriously, I went to sleep at my normal nocturnal hours of the day and told my mum to go away twice when she tried waking me up.

She left me alone in the end, allowing my waking up on my own accord.

Left the house late, got to uni just on time and then started freaking out about the behavioural skills test we had to do for interpersonal skills, which is a psychology subject compulsory for the dent course.

I found the dress I bought from the city for like $15 the other week and thought I might wear it with something I got from the rummage just because I would have been a complete idiot for wearing just the dress in moderately chilly weather. I'm pretty sure it was $8. I swear, I'm never going to buy another piece of clothing from any retailer for the rest of my life.

I had to bounce the stupid flash. Remind me never to take photos when it's dark outside.
Yeah, I was still an idiot because it was windy. And you know what wind + short dresses means. I was kind of self-conscious for the entire day. Yeah, that was really cute.

I never thought a mirror shot could give such nice detail. I forgot that I could bounce the flash.
I didn't think I was a dress person, but this is really my style. Maybe not the best but I still like it. I love the warm colours; it's not too in your face.

I love the crochet detail on the shoulder line.
You can probably tell I like mirror shots now. So long as you can't see my face, everything is all G.

Love oversized. LOVE.
I made the mistake of wearing a white bra. I realised that as soon as I got to uni, but yeah I couldn't exactly turn around, could I?

So yeah not a huge post but basically, WDYWT #1.

I seriously did mean to write this, but I was studying and responding to various people on skype, going through questions.

Stress levels accumulating.

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