Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great car music

I downloaded a mash up album last year called "Rematch" by The White Panda.

Not until just then did I realise how amazing they are. I've been listening to the album pretty much on repeat in my car, but it's 47 mash ups crammed into 14 tracks, so of course you can't really put the full length tracks in there. Ugh there's one track I really, REALLY like but I can't find the single anywhere. Oh well, just means I have to skip halfway through a song to get it.

Two tracks I love in the album are "I Wish I Broke Your Heart" and "Overnight Panda".

I Wish I Broke Your Heart (Taio Cruz//Skee-Lo Mash Up)

Love, love and love some more.

Overnight Panda (Twista//Crystal Castles Mash Up)

I recognised the Crystal Castles - Black Panther song immediately but yeah this is awesome.

Both tracks are from Rematch.

I'm currently downloading all the single, full-length tracks and you can find them all from their Official Website. It's going to take ages to download. Far out. It's estimating at 4 hours for 500mb um what.

All their mash ups are amazing! I've never, ever come across better mash ups in my life.

They're great. I know what I'll be playing in my car from now on. I've really deviated from dubstep but this is still far, FAR from mainstream.

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