Friday, April 29, 2011


I fucking love underground music. Other than the fact that it's not bloody overplayed, I love the feeling when people have never heard of whatever you're listening to.

Dubstep is becoming too mainstream. Not that it takes away from my enjoyment, but I've had a solid, you know, year or so of listening to straight dubstep and perhaps it's time to take a break. I used to dislike electro house because the bass wasn't as heavy and it seemed a little monotonous, but it's very acquired.

Anyway, the 49ers are old but I love their music so much. Here's a chill track to keep your nerves calm.

Endless Rhymes ft. Nieve - The 49ers

The harp part is to die for, but overall, an awesome song. The beat sort of reminds me of Nujabes, actually.

I'm glad my music is diversifying.

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