Wednesday, January 30, 2013

USA Part 7: Hollywood/UCLA/The Grove

This post marks the conclusion of my travels to the US of A. I can't believe it. I swear that yesterday it was the 14th of December and I was packing for this humungous trip, with naivety of course. Tres naive. I'd never experienced such a Winter before and I had no expectations at all, so I rocked up at Incheon International Airport with a single sweater and literally paper-thin harem pants. The most rookie error I have ever made.

Currently, I have been in the most chilled state of being, ever. Listening to this baby has never been so therapeutic. Give it a listen and tell me that it doesn't drift you towards total serenity. I dare you. The combination of beat, electric guitar with the ever-so-subtle hint of synth, mmmmm. The best.

Living isn't easy when you've been free, and it's taken away. I will lay my head down, 'til some sense has been found. Perfection.

Hollywood, as you would expect, was totally different to Chinatown and Downtown LA. Like, I'm not talking about apples and oranges. I'm talking about Hello Kitty and lettuce. You could probably draw some point of commonality between the two, but you get the comparison.

Our first stop was Madame Tussauds (pronounced "two-so", like you're saying "two-sock" without the "k" sound in sock), the famous wax museum. I don't know how many there in the world, but it was pretty cool, but not mind-blowing. I found the process of making the wax replicas more interesting than the novelty, if you get me. Maybe not. I don't have a good way with words.

In the late afternoon, I pledged to myself that I would go to Urban Outfitters. Initially, we proceeded in the opposite direction because our map-reading and self-orientation skills are just amazing. Queue the sarcasm.

Next up on the agenda was UCLA. Coming from an Australian, where the leading universities are still relatively small, I can safely say that I have never seen a grander university before. I may never see another American university for the rest of my life, but I'm glad I went. I do have to admit some weird looks I got when I walked in.

The campus is just huge! It's the smallest UC campus in terms of land mass, but has the largest population of students. It's a beautiful university. The culture is rich and the history is as apparent as ever.

I was told to visit the Powell Library and the Royce Hall. We asked around, and there was a lovely boy named Will who walked me and my parents there. He was a freshman, studying psychobiology from San Francisco. Asian, of course. That's another thing I couldn't believe - just how many Asians there were. I would have liked to talk to him more, but I think he was busy studying. Oh well. The small talk was nice. His first impression of me was that I was in high school, seeing what university was about, and then his next thoughts resided in the belief that I was an international student. Close enough.

Our final destination in LA was The Grove, located right next to Farmer's Market. It's another high-end shopping area with a beautiful exterior. I feel like there should be Shetland ponies roaming free, trotting ever so gracefully towards the grass. The atmosphere is modernly classic, if that makes any sense.

How awesome are these cacti?!

Pretty freaking awesome.

Fellow people, I am thrilled to announce that I have 1 (ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) travel post left. I never thought I'd get to this stage! I'm glad that I did write them, but at the same time, things just kept dragging on like my 365. At least I'm being honest. I'm so happy that I'm almost done!

Lots of love. <3

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