Friday, January 25, 2013

USA Part 4: Orlando

I'm finally home. Actually, I came home 2 days ago but no matter, I have been resting and recovering (biggest joke of my life, I think I've spent about 100% of my time looking for the best makeup brushes I can buy). I had a doctor's appointment today and I bleached my hair again with Sandra and Alice whilst talking about our life stories. It was refreshing to see people outside of my family because I was stuck with them and only them for 6 weeks. Tell me about it.

Florida was the place we stayed the longest. It was a really nice change away from the biting Seoul Winter and the milder West Coast chills. Despite raining the first and last days of our trip, the rest was magnifique. However, I must inform you all that I currently never want to go to another theme park for the rest of my life. It's something you must do in your life though - visiting at least one of the Disney theme parks around the world. Actually, rethinking it through, it would be rather nice to visit Disneyland in Paris. Although, I think I like the idea of it rather than the idea of it.

Anyway, topic calls.

We were in Orlando for 9 days. Those were possibly the 9 most tiring days of my entire life.

So the theme parks we went to were:
  • Universal Studios
  • We were supposed to go to Sea World but then mum got sick so we stayed home and went to Downtown Disney instead
  • Kennedy Space Centre
  • Epcot Centre
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Magic Kingdom

My favourite was definitely Epcot Centre. I'm pretty much in love with their International Village. Tres magnifique! Little Japan. Seriously. Get on that.

Just a few words of warning: there are a lot of photos. Prepare to exhaust that scroll. Dat. Scroll.

All in all, an exhausting but really enjoyable trip. My brother flew in from Vietnam to join us. He's been living there for 2 years now! How exciting. I wish I could do that too, but I have uni to contend with.

Oh man. Uploading photos has never been so arduous. Formatting is my biggest enemy. It won't ever let me forget that, either.

Anyway, I'll close this post with a few notes about Orlando. It'll mainly be about the highlights from the theme parks, because that's pretty much all I did.

Cirque du Soleil. The epitome of performance art. Such perfection. Such skill. Such coordination.

It was possibly the greatest show I have ever seen. It was La Nouba. God only knows what the plot was about, but all I remember were these clowns getting lost. Oh. My. God. Words cannot describe how emotional, enthralling, exciting, and any other I-have-to-see-this word starting with "e", it was. Even now, I'm pretty speechless and lost for words.

YouTube the videos. Do it. Tell me what you think about the 4 little Chinese girls with their diablos. I dare you.

Back to my points of interest. Just so you don't waste time, I'll tell you the attractions I liked most at Disney World. Just in case you want to go.

To be perfectly honest, Universal Studios was a let down. We left after 2-3 hours and didn't really want to see anything else. I'd rather have had the day off.

Edit: My brother and I also went to see the Arabian Nights show for New Year's Eve. Don't do it. Trust me. You'd expect it to be about Arabian Nights, right? Wrong. Christmas elves and Santa Claus, complete with Rudolf with a strap on nose. Neigh.

Firstly, the main attraction at Epcot Centre is the International Village. Make sure you see it and ration your time wisely. I had to rush the last parts through and I didn't want to leave. I didn't even get time to see anything else. Secondly, the stunt shows at Hollywood Studios are a must-see. Both the Indiana Jones and Cars stunt shows have actors from the movies. Stunt actors, doubles and drivers. It was amazing. Thirdly, the safari attraction was great. I'd never seen a zebra, white rhinoceros, hippo, komodo dragon, tiger.. and the list goes on, before I went there. They're in a really good enclosure and you get to see them up close and personal. Magic Kingdom is just a place to visit. It's the iconic land of Walt Disney and it features the signature Cinderella's Castle.

And with that, I say to thee adieu. Lots of love! <3

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  1. Looks like you are having so much fun. Have a safe trip!