Sunday, February 3, 2013

Korea Part 4: Back to the Start

I've been delaying this post forever. I don't know why. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to always finish what I started, but I guess I didn't stipulate any sort of time restrictions for that. Totally de rien. Still on track.

We didn't have much time the second time around in Korea - 3 days including flight time. Basically, a full day with jetlag and delayed flights either side. This time, we visited the Namdaemun markets. It reminded me a little of Hongdae! Except it didn't have a Hello Kitty Cafe, but I mean, one in a trip is enough for me. Meow.

Needless to say, I scouted for the nearest skincare shop and rushed in.

Namdaemun is just huge. I thought it was going to be a couple of streets, but a good half hour later, my assumption was proved wrong, along with my excellent directional skills. Luckily, my actually good backtracking abilities kicked in and I was able to find the entrance.

It's weird, huh? I can never find my way, but I'll always be able to find my way back.

I was introduced to Banila Co., yet another Korean make-up brand. If I were to compare it to the popular Western ones, it would have to be a hybrid of Smashbox, Benefit and Too Faced. The products themselves are similar to Smashbox - their primer was to die for (although I'm still sold on the Photo Finish - sorry Korea!), and their liquid eyeliner is second to none (sorry Shu Uemura), but the packaging is so appealing. Very Benefit/Too Faced-esque. If I had my time again, I would buy the entire shop's worth of liquid eyeliner pen. It's that good. Banila Co. is a little more expensive than the other domestic brands, but I think the quality is better. I want to know where to get the products online, because I would seriously be addicted to that site. I wonder if SaSa stocks it.. or eBay. eBay is definitely my jam.

But, enough about that. I'll be starting my make up posts soon. Don't you worry.

The markets were very.. sectional, if that makes sense. Although the shops were scattered everywhere, certain themes predominated in different areas. Like, there was an area for luggage. Another for ginseng. One for make up, and last but definitely not least, food. There were so many outdoor restaurants! Mum wanted to have lunch at one. It was all very foreign to us - quite ironic. The menu was presented at the front of the restaurant, in the form of frozen skewers and the other raw foods. I thought that they would just cook the skewers, but it turns out that they serve it like any other Korean dish.

Totally mindblown.

We'd had enough of the markets and returned to what I like to call my heaven - Myeongdong.

And ladies and gentlemen, that officially marks the conclusion of my forever-long trip. Hopefully there won't be that many consecutive posts for a while. I mean, I could have broken up my posts with make up stuff and all my other irrelevant musings, but I'm practically borderline-OCD and could never have done that for myself. Check back soon.

Lots of love! <3

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