Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Produits Fini: 2013

If you know me at all, you will know that I am absolutely compulsive when it comes to beauty products, and I'm one of those people who will open my purchases as soon as my foot steps into the door. And it happens so often, which is the main reason why I can never finish any sort of product.


And that is not a half-hearted, but a strong, definitive, confident 'ever'. There is no sense of exaggeration in the slightest. That's not how I roll.

Looking back on 2013, I've started to realise that I actually only have one face and with my current collection, it will take approximately 94385798475 or so years to finish everything.

Such is life.

Take it or leave it.

Mostly take.

But a little leave.

Alas, there are 3 that are either completely dried and shrivelled, or pretty well on the way to that stage. "Only three?!" you may be thinking. Oh, you are mistaken. For me to be dedicated enough to finish just one is almost a miracle.

I'm getting there.

In retrospect, these are pretty boring.

Also, I have no idea what happened to the photo quality. It died or something.

Basically, I'm on the last dregs of this foundation and the same goes for the makeup remover. AND, my proudest moment? I'm completely dry of the powder.

1. MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

This was my first loose powder, so it will have a special place in my heart.

There's actually a bit of an embarrassing story to this, and I attribute it to my lack of knowledge of loose powders completely.

When I first opened this, I had no idea that all you had to do was lift the plastic that covered the holes.. so instead I tried taking off the entire sifter.. and I kept thinking that loose powders were the hardest things to open ever. Turns out it was just me.

Of course.

I feel like this product really should have lasted longer. Granted, when it was still functional I used it almost every day, but for the price I think it should have had a longer life. Also granted, I use a LOT of powder to set my foundation. I hate dewy. As you probably know, I'm definitely a matte girl and will always be.

But really, I just hate loose powders in general. Not because of this one experience, but because of the experience.

Read my review here.

(Oh wow - just looked at how full it used to be......... I can't even remember that point in time to be honest)

2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab (Medium 1)

This is by far my favourite everyday foundation.

It's not completely used up, but there is a definite struggle trying to get the last few drops out of the bottle. Over the last year, a fair amount has accumulated on the top of the bottle.. and now the lid doesn't fit on properly.


The finish is beautiful (but I actually like the matte one better) and I love this foundation.

3.  Dove Foaming Makeup Remover

It's good, but it is NOT for eye makeup.

It makes my eyes sting.

Also it's a little impractical but hey I still love it.

Read my review here.

Out of these three products, the only one I'd probably repurchase is the foundation, but for now I have so many bottles left to finish (including another NARS one) that it may be 10 or so years before I'm right to buy any more.

I'm so excited to open a new powder. A new powder for a fresh start. Perfect.

Lots of love! x

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