Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Album of 2013

Greetings from home!

I only just got back from Sydney and I'm already blogging. One of my 2014 resolutions was to blog more (and when I say blog, I mean blog - if y'know what I mean) and I'm trying to make a habit out of it. Can I just say that I think the weather god/being/whatevarghhhhh.. really hates me.

In 2012, my Sydney/Melbourne trip was burdened by rain and 10 degree Celcius days.

(Also, that the temperature rose immediately to the high 20s the day I left.)

In 2013, I went to Korea during winter (as if that wasn't going to be cold enough already?!).. and it was the coldest winter they'd had in like a decade or something.

(I'm totally making that up, but it adds to the effect.)

(Can I also add that it has rained every single time I've been away from home?)

(And at home, too.)

So basically, everyone and everything hates me. This is what I have concluded, with my two-decade-old, full-of-wisdom-and-lack-of-naivety brain.

Hmph. I'm going to lock myself in a room.

Cynicism aside. I haven't written anything in a while, which is why this post seems like it deserves a spot in my 2010 archives and is overly angsty.

Now - where was I?

My favourite album of 2013: Pine Trails by Satellite Stories - hands down. An honourable mention must go to Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper.. but my heart lies with the former.

Actually, a month ago, I didn't even know who Satellite Stories were. I just happened to come across them during one of my MV trawling sessions and haven't looked back since. Satellite Stories is a Finnish band comprising four members. And they have fantastic music. If I had to compare them to some other sounds, I'd say.. Two Door Cinema Club, New Navy and Last Dinosaurs. Indie rock has definitely become my thing.

You know how most albums have their "make it" songs and then some "break it" songs? Well, Pine Trails is 100% make it. Absolutely no sign of break it, anywhere. About half of the songs have acoustic versions, and usually I end up loving those more than the originals, but I must say, the balance is absolutely remarkable. If I ever had to marry an album, this would be it. They're definitely among my favourite bands of all time and tickets will be purchased if they ever tour in Australia (hint, hint?).

These are my favourite songs from the album:

(The acoustic version of Lights Go Low is also fabulous)

Please, give them a listen. If any of you like music which is even remotely similar to my taste, you may end up loving them too.

Tracklist and album info available on: Itunes | SoundCloud | Facebook

In short, I am completely and absolutely in love.

In. Love.

(It was a close call between Pine Trails and An Awesome Wave - alt-J.. except the latter was released in 2012. Oops.)

And that's it for me! Lots of love x

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