Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Drugstore/Budget Haul

Merely a preview because I am a complete numnut.

Words cannot describe how much I love NYX and Priceline.

I'm unsure of where I stand with MUA. These are the first products I've purchased from the brand so ask me in a month and I'll have a much better idea. Brought to you by the lovely Sarah.

So, back to NYX and Priceline.

I first discovered NYX in 2011 on Urban Outfitters but didn't pop the NYX cherry until the following year when I went to America. I don't really know why I waited so long until then. Can I just say that this brand has single handedly revolutionalised my entire routine? I could probably buy the entire range for the same price as a MAC lipstick (kidding obviously) but my point is that it's so affordable.

$4 for lipstick? Yes, please.

And Priceline is probably my favourite store in the entire world. I could spend the entire day there, and when it has its special 40% sales, I actually die there.

*Note: my camera battery ran out before I had a chance to take any photos of my PL haul. It is indeed a sad day.

But seriously.

Let's revisit the first line of this post. Basically, Michelle is an extremely clever person and decided to bring her camera back.. but also made the decision to leave her camera charger behind.

Sometimes third person is appropriate - very, very occasionally. This is one such occasion.

But since there is one product which is neither budget nor drugstore, and also since I only have one photo in this post, I will add another.

Let me present to you, the Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes Multi-Action concealer, which was presented to me by the lovely Sandra.. as a present. Say crack present again.


But seriously.

It's beautiful.

I think it's multi-action because it can be used as an undereye concealer as well as a general face concealer. #ingenioushypotheses2014

Ignore the hands. I spent 3 hours cleaning a house today. Not pretty.

I would have taken more photos, but because of one slight technological mishap, my camera battery is now as flat as a pancake and will remain that way for another month and a half.

Swatches, comparisons and more detail will be coming your way when a charged battery approaches mine. I'm so excited because I've actually managed to find some dupes yay yay yay.

Lots of love! x


  1. Are you ever going to update again?

    P.s Are you still 19?

    1. Yes! Thank you! I've updated everything and I'm going to start writing again. xo