Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick #26

My first makeup review! I don't know how I'll go with this. I've been reading reviews in forever, and suddenly everything changes when you're the one providing feedback.

Yesterday, I went out with Alice and Sandra to the city to window-shop for Alice's laptop, with no avail. I think I've come to the conclusion that Priceline is actually my favourite store. I'm officially a Priceline Sister, according to the card they gave me. Total score.

Anyway, I've been looking for a nice nude lipstick for a while. I have a few MAC shades lined up to try, but I'm not game enough to buy them here. I'll wait until I can find a way to get them from the US. Totally the way to go.

I love Priceline. I can't explain why. I love the diversity and how it stocks almost every good Australian drugstore makeup brand. I picked up the Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in #26. I fell in love with the packaging. It's so cute!

Disclaimer: sorry about the hair on the counter. I was test-stranding one of the dyes that I bought and a strand must have fallen. Whoops.

I was deciding between this one and another one, but this one stole my heart.

Shade #26 is a muted nude, so to speak. It's not a full nude, but it's close enough. Personally, I don't like totally nude lipsticks because they tend to wash me out. I love this one because it tones down my lips without completely desaturating every last morsel of colour out of my face.

Apologies if it looks shimmery. I don't know how many products I tried yesterday. Most were highlighters/bronzers/eyeshadows. To be totally honest, I hate glitter, but I guess you can't help it with some products. Sigh. If I had my own little perfect world, I would eradicate glitter from existence. It's so messy and finicky.

I promise you that this lipstick is definitely not shimmery. It looks like a concealer that's one shade too dark on my skin. It could probably suffice as a concealer, too.. if desperate times called for desperate measures.

Me // Bare Lips.

So as you could probably gather, I haven't mastered the art of applying lipstick. My lips are this awkward shape and I hesitate very much whether I want to be wearing dark shades. Oh well.


And yes, my freckles suck. I'm even wearing foundation and the coverage isn't good enough.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this lipstick. It runs smoothly, and it isn't dry. It has just enough colour to be nicely pigmented, and doesn't desaturate my face. It's not overly creamy or opaque, which I like as well. I think I've found my new everyday lipstick - enough to even out my skintone, but not enough to scream, "Does she even have lips?"


For more eventful days, I can just apply a few more layers and be confident that it won't be over the top. Over the top lipsticks are the worst. The other thing I love about this lipstick is that you don't have to apply it perfectly. I was in a little bit of a rush, so I made a few mistakes. Unless you have a magnifying glass or a microscope focused directly at my lips, it's hardly visible.

This lipstick can be purchased from Priceline, Coles, Woolworths, ASOS, and selected Pharmacies around Australia. I had no idea that they were sold on ASOS. I think I paid $11.99 at Priceline. Alice bought another shade. We bought it together because there's currently a promotion at Priceline such that you get this bonus gift pack if you spend over $20 on the Rimmel range. ASOS is about $2.00 cheaper, but for the extra 2 bucks, I'm not too hung over with the gift pack.

All in all, I would definitely buy this lipstick again, and I'm looking very much forward to trying out other shades in the range.

Lots of love!


  1. I've never actually tried the Kate Moss products from Rimmel, but I looooove the rest of the products they have. Best drug store make up brand in my humble opinion. And this lipstick colour looks great! Also, if you like lipsticks that don't dry out the lips, are smooth to apply and stay on forever, you should also try out the Revlon Colorburst lip butters, they are amazing. Great review, I can't wait to hear more from you :)

    1. Haha thanks girl! You should definitely get onto the Kate Moss range! The shades are so flattering, and bright enough to make a statement but definitely not too loud. I love drug store make up. I absolute loveeeeeeeeee the Revlon Lip Butters, but the mark up here is ridiculous. They're literally about $4 at Walmart, and I want to buy everything! .. but budgets call.