Friday, February 8, 2013

Lime Crime Lipstick in Centrifuchsia

I'm in a lipstick mood. I just love lipstick. I think it really provides character and depicts emotion.

Yes. Just from lips. Amazing, right?

Admittedly, until now I have never been a fan of bright pink lipsticks - especially hot pink. Hot pink hasn't been up in my grill since the 5th grade, when I received a hot pink Barbie buggy car for my birthday. Remember those? They also came with stickers to bling up the car. It was a little girl's wonderland. I may or may not still have that car.. in my room.. with all my soft toys. Please quit judging me.

I've actually had a few Lime Crime lipsticks for a while now. Quite.. a while, but I never thought bright pink was my thing. I just read from other reviews that Lime Crime lipsticks are very pigmented and bright. Absolutely correct. I have now decided that I am 100% in love with hot pink-infused with fuchsia lipsticks. It's incredible how opinions change in a matter of a couple of weeks. It does help that I now know how to actually apply the lipstick. Before, I'd just wing it and it feathered* everywhere. Lovely.

Note: feathering (with respect to lipstick) refers to when it spreads from the lips into the little creases in the skin around the lips. Think of putting a drop of ink onto a paper towel - the main drop represents your lips, and where the ink creeps outside that drop, that's what feathering looks like. It's not favourable and certainly not flattering. More about how to prevent feathering later.

The first thing I'd like to point out is the packaging. I think it looks magical. It brings back all the old school memories and when I received it, I thought someone was playing a joke on me.. like maybe they sent me children's make up for the absolute lols.. but no. It's just that adorable. I mean, I have a little obsession with unicorns so this was just the icing on the cake.

I'd also like to say that this photo definitely doesn't do the shade justice. It's an extremely striking shade of pink. I'm not sure what colour this photo makes the lipstick look, but it's a lot more.. bright. And "flashy", I guess I could say.

I must say that my swatching skills need to be improved. I guess that's less of an important note, but I absolutely suck at taking swatches. Sorry about that. I'm glad this photo represents the lipstick much more accurately than the above photo. I love it already and I'm excited to show you the finished result of my masterpiece of application. Just kidding - kidding about the masterpiece of application description and not.. I'll stop. Centrifuchsia is this amazing dark.. fuchsia. And I can't spell fuchsia at all. I keep mixing up the "c" and "s". It's such a confusing word to spell. English sucks.

I would just like to comment on my make up in these photos. A lot of people have asked me what I use, so I will just interrupt this review and fill you in on the rest of my products: KANEBO Impress Make Up Base I, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab (Medium 1), NARS Blush in Gilda, Natio Mineral Pressed Powder in Medium (I use it to set my foundation. It's wonderful and creates a really nice airbrushed effect). I will make a post about brushes and techniques/washing etc. when I build up my collection enough! Some of my brushes are on the way to my mailbox.

It's a stunning colour, right?! I love it. I also successfully applied it - without lip liner! I'm yet to get some, but I'll do some research into it. I think you need to be wearing the right makeup to accompany it. I think that it would look very different if I weren't wearing blush, or wearing another shade of blush. I think you need something to help blend in the colour. Like a nice pink blush. I don't suit cool coloured blushes (they make me look like a clown) so I chose the "coolest" blush that would suit me. It's still pretty warm.

What I like about this lipstick (and what some people would not) is that it stains your lips. In my opinion, it extends the amount of time between, and reduces the number of touch ups/re-applications. Here's a picture of my lips after I cleaned off the lipstick thoroughly. Keep in mind that this was after about 3 minutes, and not a couple of hours.

So multiply this when this is on for a long-wear duration. I'm not quite sure (or can't remember) what the end staining result is when you leave it on for hours. I'd imagine that it is significantly stronger than the photo I've posted.

I am absolutely and completely in love with this lipstick. I'm honestly not daring enough to try any of the other Lime Crime lipsticks (besides any with pink/red tones). There's orange, purple, blue and heaps of other ones. If you're totally outrageous, I'd recommend going for Lime Crime. The consistency is wonderful and doesn't run on dry. It's not as smooth as some of the other lipsticks I own, but the compromise is that it is extremely opaque, creamy and pigmented (as you can see).

The only trouble I find is applying it. I need to invest in some lip pencils, but for now, a lip brush and my observant eyes will suffice. Note that I'm not wearing any primer either. I also didn't need to do any scrubs at all. The pigment is magnifique.

I purchased this lipstick from UrbanOutfitters for about $12. On the website, it says $16 but I had a 40% discount on it -insert Asian face here-. I checked back a few days ago and there were only 2 shades available. It's a very popular line of lipsticks so I'm sure they'll restock very soon. This is definitely my favourite from the Lime Crime range, although I'm pretty sure that Countessa Fluorescent (which I also own) is the most popular from the general public who have tried these products.

Aside from UrbanOutfitters, you can purchase these lipsticks from Crush Cosmetics, and there's a few stores located on the main Lime Crime website. For you Brisbane people, I saw them being sold in one of the shops in Elizabeth St Arcade in the city today.

I'm not feeling so daring today, but moving to fuchsia was a great move. I'm thinking that trying the other colours will be equally as great moves. Apologies for the poor vocab tonight. I'm tired and I don't know where my words have gone.

Lots of love! <3

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