Saturday, December 1, 2012

New music is the best.

Reading through my Tumblr for the past week, I've noticed that my mood has really lifted. About time, too.

If you've been following me for a little while at least, you'll know that music is an inherent part of my life. It's been a huge part of my life since I was.. about.. 2 years old or so. It's funny how time flies. I remember when I lived in my old house. My brother was 11 at the time and had piano lessons. Every time he did, I'd recall the melodies of whatever pieces he practised and I played them by ear. The problem with me was the handspan. Well.. it's pretty hard for a 4 year old to reach an octave. It's still not a complete breeze for me to play runs with octaves. Not fun.

You never realise how much music means to you until you stop. I hated practising when I was preparing for my final piano exam. 4 hours a day of anything (besides being on the internet) becomes a real chore.

Anyway, back to the focus of this post. I've been listening to heaps of new music.

Firstly, I've become an avid follower of the US and UK versions of X Factor. Simply magnificent. I'll show you a video from each of my favourites. Some of them have been voted out already, which is a real shame. I almost actually cried when they got eliminated. Definitely did not deserve that.


1. Ella Henderson.

2. James Arthur.

3. Union J (can we just appreciate Jaymi and George)



2. Jennel Garcia

That's just from this season. Last season, my favourites were Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow from the US version and Little Mix from the UK version. Totally shrinks Australia's show to a complete halt.

Also, I've gained an obsession with Jessie J. If you've been reading my Tumblr, I literally post about her every day. Not for the past few days though. I've probably exhausted her videos. I think I've seen every one of her live performance videos and contributed quite significantly to the views. Not an exaggeration at all.

Seriously. Let's just appreciate her talent.

I've also become pretty obsessed with this year's American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez. I was a little in disbelief about how few Asians there are repping up the stage, but Jessica, oh Jessica. She compensates, truly.

Um, she was 16 when she sang this. Unbelievable doesn't even begin to cut it. And speaking of Asians, Ailee is just.. Ailee. There's nothing to describe. Totally the most underrated Korean singer out there. CL and Bom are good too, but Ailee is definitely on another level. She sings Beyonce's "Halo" pretty spectacularly.

And with that, I'll end with two things. Firstly, you probably won't hear much from me on this blog until I start travelling. That's where the real posts start. And secondly, Summer is here. Seriously.

Until next time!


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