Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Korea Part 2: DMZ/Insadong

Korea has such a rich heritage and ongoing culture. Anyone who says otherwise is either totally ignorant or knows absolutely nothing (yes, I know they mean the same thing). I spent the morning and half of yesterday afternoon exploring that other side. My parents and I went on a tour to the DMZ (demilitarised zone).

My day started with a nice, 6:30am wake up call. Not. I'm totally not a morning person! :( We pretty much had to be out of the door at 7:30 and the tour started at 8:30. Our tour guide's name was Hayley. She was lovely and her English was pretty good, but she was quiet so I fell asleep for a good hour on the bus trip up north.

I forgot to mention that it was pretty much -10 degrees in the morning. Not fun. I was literally struggling to walk until it started to warm up ("warm" is a very relative term) a few degrees. The sun was so helpful, but I guess it's a double-edged sword. When the sky is totally clear, it's going to be absolutely freezing. No clouds means no heat trapping! I won't lie, I don't really know exactly where we went. I know we went to visit the Peace Bell and the station between South and North Korea, and also the very border between South and North Korea. Like, you could actually see North Korea from the lookout zone. We also visited an infiltration tunnel discovered about 20 years ago, which was an attempt to attack Seoul. It was so fascinating! Anyway, enough text, let's see some photos!

The tour ended at about 2:30ish. We asked to be dropped off at Insadong. Fi and a few other people suggested it because it was more traditional, I guess. I thought it was going to be less touristy, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless! It was beautiful, and extremely cold. For me to be saying somewhere is cold MEANS IT'S REALLY COLD OMG. We looked for somewhere to eat and found this really quaint place. It was so cute! We walked around afterwards and spent around about 2 or so hours exploring. There was this little shopping complex with a spiral organisation and the stalls there were adorable.

The night concluded with an extremely overpriced but delicious Korean BBQ. Totally not worth it but it was so goooooooooooooooooood. Like, I've never had better barbecued beef. Totally awesome. Seriously. Lots of love! <3

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