Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brisbane to Seoul

A great, big hello to you all from Seoul!

It's been a gruelling however-many hours. From only being able to fall asleep at 2:30am, to having my mum shake me awake 3 hours later.. not good. I told myself that I'd sleep the entire way to Seoul, but that didn't happen either.

I could dedicate this entire post to my passionate distaste for crying babies on the plane, but that would be pointless. Long story short, I don't like children. However, ignoring that essential factor, the flight wasn't terrible. I was so exhausted that I just crashed, only to be woken up by some baby shaking their rattle. The food was actually pretty amazing for plane food, and I managed to watch quite a lot on the way there.

Firstly, I watched Total Recall (with Colin Farrel and Jessica Biel). It wasn't as great as I was hoping, but then it wasn't too bad either. I don't know what I didn't really like about it - it just didn't.. hit the spot, I guess. It didn't hit home and maybe it was a tad on the unrealistic side. I'm surprised though. Usually I like surreal movies. Oh well.. I'll blame it on my fatigue. I also watched an episode of Friends, Two and a Half Men and something else. My memory is terrible. I also started watching Vampire Diaries on my laptop but the battery died pretty quickly. With 90 minutes to go, I switched back and watched Celeste and Jesse forever. Not sure how I felt about that movie. Didn't watch the ending.

We arrived in Seoul at about 6pm local time. I was absolutely exhausted and we caught the bus to our hotel.. which ended up being the wrong hotel. Then we had to take 2 taxis (I think we overpacked slightly) to our actual hotel. It's actually a really nice room and the view is beautiful. I'd be out right now at Myeongdong (which Fi kindly suggested we go), but I'm sick and miserable right now. I seem to have caught the flu from somewhere in Brisbane, but I can't think who. I don't remember hanging out with anyone sick the last couple of days.

There's wi-fi here. No need to panic.

Our view from the room! I'm actually feeling a lot better than this morning, and I think I'm probably well enough to go somewhere tonight. Fingers crossed. I'll upload more photos after dad comes home and transfers the stuff I took to a USB, and also after more Vampire Diaries.

Lots of love! <3

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