Monday, November 19, 2012

You are an enduring fighter, with masked passions.

Your responses indicate that you have a normal desire to share yourself with others. However, this need is not being adequately fulfilled at present. As a result, you unconsciously attempt to treat this emptiness with momentary interests and temporary passions. If left unaddressed, this imbalance leads to impulsive behaviour and unnecessary risks.

Past betrayals have left you generally suspicious of others’ behavior, particularly regarding romantic relationships. You fear you may be exploited if you open yourself too fully. Consequently, you often seek some proof of a new friend’s or lover’s sincerity before you decide to trust them. Further complicating your relationships is the anxiety you have about your unfulfilled personal and professional goals. You fear that you’ve made decisions that weren’t in your own best interest, or failed to take advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves.

The desire to overcome these challenges sometimes lead you to seem pushy or even arrogant. Because this competitive urge is not always apparent to others, they are often surprised by it. However, the passion that underlies your desire for success is unique. This makes you unlike others. You cannot simply accept what life has to offer; you aspire for more.

Words cannot describe how accurate this is.

It's pretty scary.

I took the test 2 days ago and this was the first result that I got. I manipulated my answers a fair bit just because I wanted to get to the end of the test. It kept freezing on me - it didn't help that I was downloading both seasons of "Awkward" whilst taking the test. Bad move. More like bad timing actually, because downloading Awkward was the best thing I ever did.

Best show. Seriously.

In all honesty though, Awkward aside, I think subconscious psychological tests have some merit at least. I hope. Maybe. Just let me think it ok don't judge me.

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