Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rummage: my buys

Even though it's been almost a week since the suitcase rummage/mother's day, I'll still post about it lol.

I didn't sell anything as usual. I think reluctance to part with clothes is a genetic thing. Actually, I was seriously thinking of selling stuff at next month's rummage except mum doesn't want me to. She said that she'd wear the stuff I didn't want ..... except I'm not sure how that's going to work.

Ugh I hate how blogger makes the photo quality really crap.

Outfit: elephant necklace from uni markets, top from rummage, paper bag shorts from urban outfitters and blazer from country road.

I spent ages at the rummage. Actually, I started shopping before it even opened LOL I just walked around while everyone was registering. I stole some of Jason's photos.

  • Sweater: $5
  • Maxi skirt: $10

  • Maxi skirt: $5
  • Sheer top: $5

  • Blazer: $10
  • Top: $5

  • Sheer top: $10
  • Pants: $10

  • Sweater: $10
  • Sweater: $10

Yeah just chucked everything on my bed.



  1. are you selling all those clothes for that price? or did you Buy that stuff for that price??

  2. I LOVE WHAT YOU BROUGHT! Sigh! i wish i can make the time to go to suitcase rummage :( never manage to find the time because of uni :( depressed as! slash, love your outfit :)