Monday, June 24, 2013

LookFantastic haul #1: Kerastase with a Bare touch

Firstly, I am finally back home in Brisbane! Secondly, my dad gave me a call about 2 days ago saying that there were approximately four packages waiting for me at home.

Hold up.

How do you approximate four packages? There are either four, or not four. No in-betweens.

To my delight, upon walking into a house I have not seen for 3 weeks, there were indeed exactly four. Exactement. I ordered a new fan for my laptop because it was absolutely killing me with this horrendous sound. Honestly, I couldn't even localise it when I first heard it and after reading a few forums, I was panicking in angst because it could have been coming from the right side. Right side = hard drive.

Right side. Catastrophe. Right side. $2000 that I do not currently have.

Thankfully, I opened up my baby (and almost killed my hand in the process, escaping with a mere but foul swoop of the aluminium with one of the screwdrivers) and discovered that it was the fan. Thank goodness.

Left side. Sécurité.

And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I almost stripped the head on one of the unibody screws trying to detach the fan in case it was a piece of dust or something caught in the fan. No luck. Doesn't help that I was trying to unscrew a torx screw with a phillips.. that was even too small for the casing screws. I should have just left it right there and then, but I had to continue and almost single-handedly destroyed my laptop in one night. Magnifique. Anyway, the point of the story is that you should always buy the right sized screwdrivers if you want to unscrew a.. screw. That's a lot of screws. So, $6.00 and a new fan later, my laptop is in perfect working order.

Oh, right. LookFantastic. Whoops.

Being a bleacher, I'm constantly on the lookout for hair products that aren't going to make my hair feel like absolute death. Basically I want the facade of "healthy" looking hair without letting everyone know that I've indeed murdered it already.

(And I have.)

I've been tossing up whether I should take the plunge and delve into the depths of Kérastase. I've heard mucha glory about their products and even though I'm in the possession of, I still have not, to this day, put a drop of any of their products to my head. All dramatising aside, I ripped open the box last night and was pleased to see that everything was packaged so nicely. It looks like I bought a lot, lot more than I actually did. I really like the site - I was reading a few reviews on their shipment times, but honestly it's not much of a problem for me even if shipping is a tad slow. Unless I'm tight for time (which I am never, might I add, when it comes to online therapy), so long as there is a package that arrives on my doorstep sometime, I am pleased.

And here we have it.

Maybe it looks busier because a panda is staring at you, no?

When I ordered off the site, there was a promotion for a Macadamia Natural Oil gift set if you spent over a certain amount and I guess that is truly the bulk of my order, which I didn't even order? But more on that later. Also, I received a gold cuff after purchasing 2 Kérastase products. I'm a huge sucker for arm candy, so I was more than happy.

Let's move onto what I actually purchased.

So firstly, I ordered the Bare Minerals Flawless Application brush (£24.00/AUD$39.25) with the intention of using it as a powder brush, since the one I have right now is less than ideal. It's supposed to be used with mineral foundation and I guess I'm not completely closed off to the idea, but for now it will suffice as a powder brush, until I get my BB/RMK powder brushes. I am definitely anticipating those ones. I'm sure it's versatile enough since the powder brush I'm currently using sort of feels like knives on my skin, but no matter, I am on the ladder upwards and certainly not down.

I absolutely, absolutely love conditioning my hair. It's grown to be my favourite step of my shower routine. That came out a lot weirder than I was expecting. Anyway, to the hair products: I got 2 rinse-out conditioners and a leave-in.

This rinse-out Masquintense Épais (£25.00/AUD$41.00) is for thick hair (Épais = thick) and there is a Fins version for fine hair, but my hair is in-between the two.

This is the other rinse-out conditioner that I bought. It's the Ciment Anti-Usure (£19.00/AUD$31.00) and it claims to help reconstruct and rebuild damaged hair. If this is true, I'm all aboard for sure.

And lastly, but certainly not least, the leave-in Nectar Thermique (£19.00/AUD$31.00) which I am super duper excited about!

I have heard amazing things about Kérastase's products and so my expectations have been set accordingly. They are rated very highly on LookFantastic, so there must be some validity at least. Actually, a lot of the deciding factor that determines whether a product ends up in my possession or not rides on other people's reviews, so in essence, I place my trust in complete strangers. Well, that's one way to put it at least.

Now let's see what I didn't have to pay for.

First is this gold cuff that came in this cute pouch. I absolutely love cuffs, but I don't think I've shown my collection to many people to be honest. The texture is nice too. I think I've been wanting a plain-ish cuff for a while now so that was pretty perfect timing.

And my favourite bonus: I could have chosen between a 15% discount and this gift pack, and for sure I chose the gift pack because I swear by Macadamia Natural Oil products. They are divine and I have been obsessing over the Deep Repair Masque since the beginning of last year, and fittingly have just run out of the product. Timing could not be more perfect.

Seriously though, if you've ever read any of the haircare posts I've done, maybe on Tumblr, you'll know that this is my absolute favourite deep conditioner ever. Maybe Kérastase will change that, but for now, it's definitely this one.

All the Macadamia products smell amazing. I'm sitting about 3 metres from them and I can smell the richness from here. It's beautifully intoxicating.

All of these products (and more - think Benefit, Urban Decay, Too Faced) can be purchased from LookFantastic. AND right now there's a 15% off sale until the end of the month, using the code LFJUNVC upon checkout.

I think this site is slightly cheaper than BeautyBay, but I think I'll be ordering off BB too because they stock LMdB and RBR, which isn't on LF. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my order and I will definitely be purchasing again. Maybe I need a few more orders to confirm, or sway my view, but right now that's where I stand with my opinion.

Lots of love! x

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  1. I love your reviews! Definitely will check it out soon xoxo