Sunday, October 14, 2012

True to my word.. for now




I'm extremely tired right now so my wording might be pretty simple but oh well deal with it

The most beautiful chocolate cake made by the lovely Rosie <3 I think I ate about an entire week's worth of food because of that cake. Seriously.

Medball! It was such an amazing night, and I got thoroughly destroyed. It was not nice. Not nice, at all. Ahh well, the majority of it was great UNTIL THE AFTERPARTY. I started feeling sick. Like, unnaturally, abnormally sick, as though I was going to faint. Luckily I didn't, otherwise that might have been slightly problematic!!!

I FINALLYYYYYYYYY got new bedsheets. I'm actually yet to change them, which is completely disgusting but HEY it's no one else's problem but mine. I'll do it.. after exams omg ew that's so festy. I miss my clean room. I'm going to have to clean it sometime soon. It's absolutely gross. Well actually that's a little bit of an exaggeration but then again it never hurts to have a clean room. :3

The day after I got my sheets, which was the day after medball, we went out for Samara's birthday. It was amazing. Betty blue is always super deeeeeeeeeeeeeelish, but my problem is that I ALWAYS eat too much. Without fail. Common phrases mentioned to me incude: "it disgusts me to see how much you eat", "WHEREEEEE do you store everything you eat?!", "your metabolism must be boss as fuarrrrrrrrrrrrr" etc.

All I can say to the above is :{D..

AND the day after Samara's birthday I went to get my conch pierced! I've been wanting it for quite a while now, and I feel like I got it pierced slightly TOO high but it's definitely growing on me. If worse comes to worst I can always take it out and get it repierced. Too easy.

One of our friend, Chelsea, has a boyfriend named Justin who's in a local band. Wow. That took me a good 4 or 5 times to write that sentence. My English skills are absolutely appalling. Good thing I'm not taking up lit or law. THAT would be something disastrous. Not for me, but for whoever marks my assignments. Poor assessors. I pity you all.

I don't know why I took a random photo of my ring haul. My collection has grown a little since then, but I've found that I don't wear rings ~AS~ often these days, just because I treasure my sleep far too much. Sleep is such a scarce commodity. I've learnt to adapt to deprivation by waking up 40 minutes before class and leaving just after 10 to whenever my lecture is. I don't know how I do it.

Oh yeah, actually I do know.. it's called looking like absolute trash HAHA I put absolutely no effort into getting ready for uni. Sometimes I wonder why people actually want to tak to me when my level of presentation is pretty much non-existent..

We went out for one of our friend's 18ths and now he's on crutches HAHA there's absolutely no correlation between the two events, I swear.. but yeah it was such a nice night. :) And there was hanging out with my favourite uni hall girlies.

Townsville life is actually awesome. People here are so laid back, and it's not just non-med people who are chill. EVERYONE is chill, and when I say everyone, of course there are exceptions but for the vast, vast majority, it's a pleasure to be around anyone.

Since I'm on a roll, you might just expect a post tomorrow.

Guten nacht <3

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