Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TIme for truth

I'm going to have to be brutally honest in saying that I cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT, stand it when people constantly link their new blog posts on Facebook. Twitter, I can understand, but Facebook, really?! And I'm being serious here, the vast majority of the time, the people guilty of doing this are the ones whose blogs have little worth reading. It's not as though we can't see that you're desperate for attention; all the posts advertised are about love, heartbreak, hardship and here I am looking for a real blog.

Yes, I'm guilty of periodically reading these types of blogs, but only to scrutinise the owners' infallibility of realising what a tool it makes them look like. Legitimately, you might as well go ahead and write the entire blog on Facebook. Seriously, right now it really does not make one little ounce of difference. No, not a compliment in the slightest.

It really annoys me how I know these people for who they are - normal, happy people who "mask" these seemingly hidden and deep emotions in posts. Yeah, real funny. Trying to evoke sympathy? Real nice comeback if it's something like, "You don't know me at all. I vent what I feel. I might look strong on the outside but really I'm some emotional wreck whose life sucks blah blah blah..."

Oh, please. Poor little princess. Oh, did I hurt your self-worth? Wow.

You're in university and you're still treating your life as if everyone is against you.

Grow. Up.

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